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28 December 2008 @ 02:17 pm
Christmas is over.  
Thank the gods. Peak season is done, and I can finally spend more time on the things I need to do like going to the gym every day, as well as to the barn. January is almost here, a new year means new goals (and some of the same.) I know I'll forget if I don't post them somewhere now, so here are my "resolutions" for the upcoming year.

1. Get the rest of my weight off (I'd like to be 115 at least) and get into better shape
2. Pass all of my classes (Shouldn't be a problem, got a B on my conformation course!)
3. Get Shaman into riding shape (we're working on it.)

Those are the biggest and most important. Everything else is an afterthought.

Things are going well, despite the fact that the holidays were kinda hard (for both me and Mom.) I'm looking forward to the new year, which brings with it the coming of five months spent with Russell. Hard to believe. Perhaps. It seems like it's been a lot longer, but I suppose that's what happens when shit hits the fan. I'm supposed to be spending the night with him tonight, but I don't know if I will or not. We spend a lot of time together (not that I'm complaining.) I'd hate for him to get tired of me so quickly. I really like this one.